$1,000 Engagement Ring Challenge

July 2018 - $1K Engagement Ring Challenge.png

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$1,000 Engagement Ring Challenge

July is right around the corner and while not as popular as Engagement Season, people love getting hitched during the summer months. Who can blame them? The sun, the beaches, the vacation time.

What if you're a little cash strapped though? It doesn't mean you have to sit this one out and not take advantage of the perfect summer settings to get engaged. On the contrary, we're going to show you how to put together a great ring, and hopefully, we can do it right around $1,000.

As usual, we're going to visit one of our favorite seller, James Allen. There are several things we need to consider to keep the price down:

  • Regardless of the type of stone that you will be getting, the setting will have to be a solitaire to minimize cost. James Allen has two 14K White Gold settings which a very affordable and quite stunning for the price. At $240 a piece, you can choose either a 4-Prong Setting or a 6-Prong Setting.

  • We need to keep in mind the shape of our Diamond. As we've shown in our Diamond Shape/Pricing Post, the most affordable option is a Cushion shaped Diamond, but we'll look at the entire diamond inventory and sort by price.

With those settings in, not surprising we have four Cushion Shaped Diamonds under $1,000, ranging from $890 to $920. They are as follows:

Let's narrow these down. 

  • #3 is out right from the start. There are a lot of noticeable inclusions scattered throughout the table and the other Diamonds are better options.

  • #1 is also going to get knocked off. Not only is it's Polish rated Very Good, its Symmetry is rated at Good. These are two factors we are really looking for an Excellent rating. Add to that its Table % is low at 59%.

  • Between #2 & #4, the last Diamond, #4 is going to be our pick. You'll notice that its Inclusions are significantly less prominent. Additionally, #4 has an Excellent rating for both Polish and Symmetry. With a "K" Color and a Carat size of 0.70, this is a great value for its price.

So, did we find an Engagement ring for less than $1,000?

We are really close on this one. The full price for the setting and ring comes out to $1,160. You couple this a $100 discount for signing up to James Allen's newsletter and it's incredible the quality of ring you can get for the money.  

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