Weekly Diamond Finds! Best Heart Diamond for under $2,500

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Best Heart Shaped Diamond for under $2,500

It is hard to argue over the beauty of a Heart Shaped diamond. There is an intrinsic beauty and significance to it that goes beyond a simple engagement ring. This week, seeing as how Mother's Day is right around the corner, we decided to use a heart diamond for our example. Maybe there is a mother of your child waiting to be proposed to? What better opportunity than Mother's Day with a Heart shaped diamond to seal the deal? 

Today, we're going to show you how easy it is to choose the Best Heart Diamond for under $2,500. Targeting overall quality we will take everything into account when we visit James Allen:

  • Cut will be our focus, so we are setting Polish & Symmetry to Excellent.

  • Color will be set at a maximum of I. This will give us a bit of wiggle room to play with.

  • Clarity will be up to VVS-2. As always it is important to check the magnification images to determine where the inclusions are present.

  • To Finish it off we are only going to use an Excellent range for Table % and Depth %, which is 53%-63% and 58%-62%, respectively.

This is going to be hard! These four diamonds are just incredible. Let whittle this down a bit though...  

  • Heart-04 is the smallest diamond of the bunch. Plus, the Girdle is Thick while the others are only Slightly Thick. It's a shame to take this one off, but we have to make a choice...

  • Heart-02 has the worst Clarity rating from the remaining diamonds (A still very respectable VS2). We'll drop this one next...

  • We're left with two magnificent options, but I just can't tear myself away from Heart-03! It's Internally Flawless, Excellent across all Cut Ratings, a solid H Color, and has no Cutlet. Basically everything we could ask for in this price range.

So what is the best Heart Diamond for under $2,500?

This diamond is so spectacular I couldn't wait to see it in a setting. When you think of a great deal regarding an engagement ring, this is what you should imagine. The fire and brilliance that will emanate from this diamond will instantly attract you. Paired with a beautiful setting like the one shown it would look striking in any occasion.   

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