Weekly Diamond Finds! Best Oval Diamond for under $4,000

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Best Oval Diamond for under $4,000

The Oval Diamond is one of the best bargains when it comes to choosing a diamond shape. Retaining many of the positive characteristics of a Round Diamond, it nevertheless is significantly more affordable. Today, we're going to show you how easy it is to choose the Best Oval Diamond for under $4,000. We are going for size here today, so when we visit James Allen there are several things we need to consider:

  • Carat will be our focus, so we are targeting a diamond in the range of 1.2 Carat and above.

  • Color will be set at a maximum of J. This is a little higher than what we normally choose, but in order to fit a stone of that size, we need to compromise.

  • Right off the bat, we are down to four stones. All large and beautiful, but with flaws. Next, we'll minimize those flaws and pick the winner.

Sometimes when choosing a diamond, the best alternative is readily visible. This happens to be just such an occasion.  

  • Oval - 03 is the only diamond amongst the four to have Excellent Polish & Symmetry. If you recall from reading our page on Cut, a Diamond's Cut rating is the most important factor to consider.

  • Beyond the Excellent rating we can see that Oval - 03's other factors are rather outstanding as well. The Diamond has a perfect 1.50 L/W Ratio, a near perfect Table %, and an excellent Depth %.

  • It's drawbacks appears to be a slight inclusion on the Table, which is visible above 10x magnification. Making essentially invisible to the naked eye. Plus, the Diamond's Girdle is Medium - Extremely Thick, which is normally avoided. But, given that we have to compromise somewhere, that is a feature that is easily overlooked and can be minimized with the proper setting.

So what is the best Oval Diamond for under $4,000?

Since we are trying to maximize Carat size, some compromises must be made. The diamond we chose has wonderful ratings with the exception of some very lesser characteristics. While $4,000 is a lot of money, as the Carat size increases you'll see that prices can mount exponentially. Plus, as a diamond increases in size, the chances of finding a Colorless diamond, or near to no inclusions diminish. Ultimately, the diamond we chose is an amazing value for the price and would bring to any engagement ring a high degree of brialliance and presence.   

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