What would it cost to replicate Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring?

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What would it cost do replicate Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring?

With all the press surrounding this past weekend's Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we thought it'd be fun to see how much it would cost to replicate her engagement ring. Now, before we get any further, clearly the cost of her ring would be significantly higher given that some of the stones came from Princess Diana's personal collection and other family/royal related type of attachments. The other thing is that we truly don't know the specifications for her ring. However, popular opinion suggests that the 3-Stone ring has a Cushion shaped 5-Carat center diamond and 0.75-Carat adjoining diamonds mounted on a gold band. With that in mind let's see what a top of the line version would cost and what an affordable version would cost. 

Cost to replicate Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring with the highest possible specifications:

To create the ring given the absolute highest quality, we are going to have to understand that a 5-Carat diamond is so large that it is almost impossible to be perfect. As such, don't expect flawless values across the board. Additionally, a Cushion shaped stone that large is difficult to mount, which will add an additional cost. Nevertheless, if we want to see what the center stone would cost, let's see what we can put together:

At James Allen we found a 5.13-Carat Cushion Diamond (Specs are Color: H, Clarity: VVS1, Cut: Excellent). This tips the register at $126,640.



At Blue Nile we found a 5.41-Carat Cushion Diamond (Specs are Color: H, Clarity: VVS1, Cut: Very Good). This comes out at $101,759.

With those two options above, all you would need to finish up the look would be a nice 3-Stone setting in 18K Yellow Gold, which would run you between $3,000 to $5,000. So, all in, you are looking between $110,000 and $130,000 depending on the stone and the added cost of mounting a 5-Carat diamond. Now... How close can we get on a "semi-reasonable" budget?

Budget Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring

Now that we got the impossible out of the way (I don't know about you, but a $100k ring is so incredibly beyond my means!), let's see what type of ring we could build based on the spirit of Meghan's ring. 

  • Let's start with the 18K Yellow Gold setting. James Allen has numerous styles available, but I'm going to go with a cleaner Side-Stone setting that features only three stones. As such, this won't have any Pave or Channel setting across the sides and make mounting the Cushion Diamond more affordable.

  • The maximum Cushion Shapes Carat size the above setting will handle is 1.5-Carat. Let's maximize the size then and pick the best possible options.

The difference between these two stones in minimal as far as specifications, but a world of difference in regards to their price. They both feature an Excellent Cut, Polish & Symmetry, VVS1 Clarity and no Fluorescence. The first Diamond though has a G Color and prices out at $10,450, while the second Diamond has a D Color and comes out to $16,520. That is a 56% price premium for the high Color grade. Very significant.

What would I suggest based on this scenario? I'd go with the cheaper Diamond. The main reason for this, beyond the cost, is the 18K Gold band. Any visible difference between the G and D Color of the Diamonds will be offset by the tinting effect of the mounting. What does this mean? On a Yellow Gold Band that G Color stone will look just as good as a D Color stone, so why spend an extra $6k? So there you have it, a lite version of the Markle engagement ring for $12k.

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