What Are a Diamond's Hearts & Arrows?

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What Are a Diamond's Hearts & Arrows? 

Instead of performing one of our typical mock-diamond selections, this week we are going to answer a simple question we've received numerous times. What exactly are Hearts & Arrows?

Hearts & Arrows (or whatever deviation of the term, as each seller has their own trademark), is a unique effect that a round diamond gives off when perfectly Cut. Why is this interesting and important?

Remember that the beauty of a diamond is in its reflective properties. Basically, a diamond's worth comes from its ability to channel light and make it brilliant and sparkle. As such, a diamond that is colorless will allow more light through its center. A diamond with no inclusions will not block any of the light entering and/or exiting. And most importantly, a diamond that is perfectly Cut will reflect the greatest amount of light. 

It's natural then to try and determine a simple way to tell if a diamond is perfectly Cut. This is where the Hearts & Arrows comes into play. As a side effect of being perfectly Cut, a round diamond will exhibit certain patterns and characteristics. Particularly, when viewed from above (focusing on the Table) the diamond will exhibit a pattern that looks like a circular set of arrows pointing outward. If you were to flip the diamond upside down and look at it from its pavilion a similar effect will be visible, but this time as small V-shaped hearts.

The important thing to remember when choosing Hearts & Arrows diamonds is that the effect is a byproduct of a diamond that has an excellent Cut. Because a diamond has an excellent Cut, it will display Hearts & Arrows. A diamond that displays Hearts & Arrows does not necessarily have an excellent Cut! It's important to remember this as the effect can be modified to display on a subpar diamond. Thus, it is imperative that a diamond's complete rating be taken into account at all times, not just that it displays Hearts & Arrows.

Because of the added cost that a Hearts & Arrows diamond will bring, it is difficult for us to consistently recommend them. If you are looking for the absolute best example of a diamond, then you can freely use this as an added criteria. However, if like most you are trying to balance all the qualities of a diamond to make the most informed decision possible, then this might be an area to avoid.

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