Why are you saving so much?

There are numerous reasons why diamond engagement rings are cheaper online. Below are just some of the benefits you can receive!

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

No Overhead Related to a Brick & Mortar Store


Since our preferred sellers don’t have physical stores that means they don’t have the costs associated with running a store. I don’t know about you but the last time I stepped into Jared’s (which I like in all fairness), the place felt like a hotel lobby. Plenty of employees, courteous security, extra room in the back for appraisals, complimentary pastries and drinks, and it was a standalone building in a very prosperous area. You add all these amenities up and you get a significant fixed overhead that you must pay for when purchasing your diamond.

Less employees

When you walk into a jewelry store you expect to be greeted almost instantly. The store has the incentive to briskly greet you and get you looking at what products they consider are best for you. Those employees cost a lot of money. With online retailers you’re free to make a decision at your own pace, so those employees and their high costs are no longer needed. 

Let’s talk about Taxes!

Ever notice when you buy on Amazon that only a couple of items have taxes charged to them? That’s because the item is coming from a State that is not your own. So, with the exception of a few States, you’re already looking at a baked in savings of 7.5%. That’s not much when you’re buying a soda, but when it’s a $10,000 diamond. Well, I can think of a lot better uses for $750 than just handing it over. So, as long as you don’t live in the specified States below, you’re already saving money. 

  • Blue Nile: You’ll have to pay taxes if you live in Washington State, New York or Virginia

  • James Allen: You’ll have to pay taxes if you live in Maryland and New York


Additional Savings

Like all online retailers, differentiating yourself is a cutthroat business. Luckily for us, the consumer, that means that our favorite diamond buyers offer coupons! 

What does that mean? We’re talking from a couple hundred dollars and up to 20% during the busy shopping periods, plus coupons for joining mailing lists, entering giveaways, etc. So if you can time your diamond buying to lineup with Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc., you’ll get an extra deal. Click here, as we always have a list of their current coupon offerings.

Additionally, both Blue Nile and James Allen offer a 1.5% discount when paying by bank wire. Now, this might not always be in your best interest if your credit card company offers you more in the form of points and/or rebates. Check and see which cards might give you more back, but if not, that’s an easy additional 1.5% savings.