Store Reviews

We have a simple policy here at To only review stores that we’ve recently shopped at ourselves (within the last 24 months). That being said, as more online alternatives appear we’ll make sure to experience their product and provide a review. In the meantime though, I’ll focus on our favorite sites. 

Blue Nile:

I’m a big fan of Blue Nile. I’ve used their services consistently for the past 15-years ever since I purchased my own engagement ring just out of college. There’s basically nothing bad I can say about the quality of their products or their service. There’s a reason they are on top of the online diamond sales world. 

If you’re searching for a few contrarian facts regarding Blue Nile there’s really only one that even comes close. While both Blue Nile and James Allen offer digital photos of their diamonds with magnification, for my personal tastes I appreciate the one from James Allen a bit more. I want to specify that this is a personal preference, as there isn’t really anything that can’t be seen in both that would be pertinent, but a bit of overkill is sometimes comforting.

Blue Nile does have some distinct advantages over their online competitors, particularly when it comes to gemstone jewelry. Their selection of Birthstones, Gemstones and Pearls is second to none, and the same quality craftsmanship from their diamond settings can be seen here. To this day one of my wife’s favorite pieces is a set of Akoya pearl earrings she uses all the time.

As a buyer, having a resource such as Blue Nile is highly comforting and advantages. They have hundreds of thousands of diamonds at their disposal, all wonderfully priced, beautiful craftsmanship and lovely packaging.