Ring Storage

Storage for your engagamen ring and wedding bands will depend greatly on your use.  

If you’re the type of individual who never takes their ring off, then no storage is necessary. If though, you’re like me, then you take your ring off all the time. If that’s the case it’s a good idea to have a spot for your ring that will not only minimize damage and scuffing, but act as a go-to spot for your ring. Keeping it in a designated area will do wonders for your sanity when the moment comes that you've misplaced it and you wonder where it could be.


The main thing to remember when storing your ring is to keep it in a soft place, such as a jewelry box or soft pouch, and to keep it away from other gems. The reason to keep it away from other gems is not for the safety of your ring, but the safety of your gems. Remember that diamonds are harder than most precious gems. As such, if you place them all together and they get knocked around, your engagement ring may damage the gems. Below are some popular examples of storage solutions with excellent reviews.


Are You Taking Care of More than Just a Ring?

If you don’t want to pick up anything fancy to store your ring, then keep it in its original case. This is where the James Allen packaging really comes into play, as it can be used as a proper display setting to store your ring.

Lastly, your ring is a representation of your love. If you treat your ring with its deserved level of importance, I’d bet you’d treat your marriage with an extra level of love. Make the ring, and your love, a focal point in your life.

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