Ring Cleaning & Care

When it comes to cleaning your engagement ring and wedding band there are really two solutions. You can either get it done professionally, or you can do it at home.


At Home Solutions

While a professional cleaning is really only necessary when the band has been scuffed, most if not all rings can benefit from a quick at home cleaning. Be prepared, it you look up “at home diamond ring cleaner,” there are about 6 million results that all say the same thing. In essence, you want to dip your ring in warm water and some sort of ammonia-based or alcohol-based solution. After you let it soak for a while, you can bristle brush it to remove any large particles. 

Design Your Own

That being said, a nice home cleaning system featuring a steam cleaner and/or an ultrasonic cleaner are usually quite affordable. I would definitely go down this route before trying any home concoctions on my valuable rings. Below are a list of the top selling home cleaners found on Amazon. We haven’t tried them all, but all the ultrasonic models we’ve used have worked well.



Professional Cleaning

While most people don’t, I like to get my rings cleaned professionally every few years. My favorite spot is a local Jared’s. Is it the cheapest? Probably not. But a cleaning doesn’t really cost that much to begin with, so I’ll gladly pay extra for the peace of mind. Unless you have a particular relationship with a local jeweler, it’s normal and expected to be apprehensive about leaving an expensive ring overnight. With that in mind I always find it best to get your cleaning done at a reputable location. It’s also a good idea to have your diamond’s certification at hand just in case any shenanigans are afoot.