Getting the Best Diamond Value

If you’ve read our review involving the 4-C’s then you’ll know the areas we would focus on in order to maximize your value. In general you can use Color and Clarity to drive down the price of your diamond, while maximizing the Cut and Carat size. Remember though that it goes well beyond just picking a warmer color and a few more inclusions. You have to balance all the aspects that make up the diamond’s certification as well as its appearance under magnification in order to make the best choice possible.

Given the multiple parameters at play our best advice is to let us work with you (for free!) and present you with a few, hand selected options that will give you the best results. Remember, that by using one of our preferred online diamond sellers (Blue Nile & James Allen) you’ll already be saving thousands over purchasing a diamond at a brick & mortar store. So reach out to us! Even if we can’t save you anymore money, we’ll make sure you make the best choice possible.


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