Traveling with Your Ring?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to traveling with your ring. For most people it’s a personal choice, a matter of comfort and a matter of security.   

This is an example of a time where it's probably not ideal to have your engagement ring on...

This is an example of a time where it's probably not ideal to have your engagement ring on...

I’ve met people who treat their ring like a lifelong reminder of their relationship and never, ever take it off. Other people (such as myself) take it on and off at all times of the day depending on where they are at. Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with the fact that you’re walking around with a significant sum of money dangling from your finger.

The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to traveling with your ring, or wearing it in general, are what type of stipulations your ring insurance might have. Assuming you have ring insurance, damaging it or losing it can have a significant impact on your claim. Most companies want at least a portion of the ring, if not a diamond, as proof that the ring was damaged. As such, if it’s outright stolen, you might be out of luck. Regardless, if you’re traveling with your ring just try and use some common sense.

Use a Jewelry Roll

A Jewelry Roll is basically a small pouch that you can roll up and keep on you. They're good for traveling as you can keep them on you instead of leaving them in your luggage. Below are a small selection of the top rated Jewelry Rolls on Amazon. 


Things to Consider when Traveling with Your Ring

  • If you take it off in a hotel room, put it in a safe. Don’t leave it in plain sight.

  • Don’t take it with you when doing extreme physical activities (climbing, scuba diving, surfing, etc.), plus a ring can get caught on something and easily injure your finger and hand.

  • Going to a part of the world that's not that secure? How about leaving the ring home in a nice safe.

  • Next time you get your ring cleaned have them check that all your stones are tight and snug. This is especially true for Tension settings.

  • Make sure your ring fits snugly. No need to see it fling off your hand when waving for a taxi.

  • Don’t travel with your ring! If you really need the comfort of having a band on your finger, then you can pick up a pair of his and hers Wedding Bands. It’ll be less than $50, so if you lose it there’s no serious harm done. Below are some of our favorite affordable wedding bands.

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