Should you Finance Your Ring?

This is an interesting question because we’re not asking if you can finance your wedding ring, as you clearly can, but should you. Ultimately, there are three factors you should keep in mind. 


A Ring is a Poor Investment

Remember that a ring is a poor investment. You’ll never make money buying a diamond ring. Paying extra for a ring in the form of finance fees or interest charges just makes this worse. If you have to pay interest or any sort of fees in relation to buying your ring, then you shouldn’t be financing a ring as you’re making a bad investment worse.

Is it Interest Free?

Are you getting it interest free? If the seller you’re buying the ring from offers you some sort of interest free rate (i.e. 0% for x-number of months), then it doesn’t cost you anything one way or another. Be careful though! Interest free rates only run for the designated term offered. If you don’t meet the expiration date you’ll be on the hook for all the interest owed, which can be thousands of dollars.

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What does your Engagement Ring Truly Represent?


A wedding ring is only a representation of the love you share for someone, it’s never a direct reflection or a measurement of that love. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing pitches or silly clichés like “2-month’s salary”. Financial problems are one of the top causes for divorce and putting yourself in a difficult financial position before you’re even married is never a good idea.

Ultimately, you need to be smart with your buying decision. Leveraging a bit of money to make a large ring purchase easier is far, far different than buying a ring you ultimately can’t afford. Be honest with yourself and with your partner and come up with a reasonable budget. Then contact us and we’ll help you get the best ring possible!