Buying an Engagement Ring on eBay

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Buying an Engagement Ring on eBay

The fact that you are browsing through this site and researching Engagement Rings would indicate that you’re price conscious, or at the very least cognizant of not overspending. That being the case, at some point you’ll wonder about picking up an Engagement Ring on eBay. It’s natural as the site is a hotbed of deals and discounts. Unfortunately, it is also a hotbed for scammers and liars. That, in and of itself, should steer you away from the auction giant (and you truly can get a great deal with one of our preferred online sellers.) But… What if you could get a really amazing deal!

Deals can certainly be had, that is the essence of eBay. However, to make sure you don’t get caught up in some unfortunate choice, before you go willy-nilly browsing through eBay’s thousands of engagement rings, let’s setup a safe search that will eliminate the majority of problems.

The eBay photo below will link you to our curated search which is making the current selections to safely narrow down your options:

  • Strictly Searching within Engagement Ring Category

  • Only Searching for GIA Certified Diamonds

  • Excluding any Diamond with a Clarity of SI1 or Below

  • Excluding any Man-Made, Synthetic or Lab Created Diamonds

While utilizing the above search will eliminate most of the diamonds we would want to avoid, there are still thousands of search results, and many potential areas of concern. There are going to be three main things to keep an eye out for when reviewing your Engagement Ring results.

  • Only the Setting: As with most things on eBay, you have to be very careful with the description of the item. I’ve seen a beautiful ring in pictures to then read the description and realize they are only selling the physical ring and not the diamond. Always make sure to read the description thoroughly before clicking “Buy it Now”.

  • Certified Diamond: While we use the keyword “GIA Certified” in our search, an item will show up simply because they use that phrasing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the diamond in question is actually GIA Certified. As always, read the description and make sure that the diamond in question is GIA Certified. If the seller has any documentation to go along with it, then it’s a plus. Remember, we’re not looking for “As Good as GIA Certified”, or “Tested to GIA Certified Standards”, or any other such play on words.

  • Synthetic Diamonds: Our search above excludes any items with the keywords Man-Made, Synthetic or Lab Created. But… you should never blindly rely on these filters. More often than not an engagement ring with a great diamond priced ridiculously low will be due to the use of a synthetic diamond. Perhaps the individual posting the ring is calling it something other than the three phrases most commonly used? Be vigilant and make sure you do not fall for a lab created stone.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to avoid the vast majority of scams and pitfalls that flood the eBay marketplace. Unfortunately, at the end of the day you’ll still need to check each ring you’re interested in and carefully understand it’s specific details. We would prefer to target a “Used” item, as the savings there can be derived from the reselling process. Then, once you have a good understanding of the Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat of the ring, then you can price out a similar ring at an online retailer and see how good of a deal it truly is.

There are deals out there on eBay, you just have to work for them.

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