Which Diamond Shape is the Most Affordable?

Welcome to The Ring Adviser's Weekly Diamond Finds. For our second installment this week we're not going to focus on any one particular diamond, but instead, show you how Diamond prices fluctuate based on Shape. You may have heard it before that a Round Diamond is the most expensive, but we're going to show you analytically how this breaks down. 

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Which Diamond Shape is the Most Affordable?

To determine which shape will give you the best bang for your buck we are going to analyze the current market offerings from Blue Nile. First, we'll set some very basic parameters to make sure we are making an apples-to-apples comparison. Carat will be set from 0.73 to 0.77, Cut will be set at "Very Good," Color will be set at "F," and Clarity will be set at "VVS-1 & VVS-2." You might wonder why we didn't set a hard line on some of these features, but we need a little leeway to make sure we have a population large enough to compare. 

The Results...

  • These parameters left us with 70 viable diamonds, which break down in the following matter:

    • Round: 9-diamonds at an average price of $3,368.44

    • Pear: 10-diamonds at an average price of $3,152.40

    • Heart: 4-diamonds at an average price of $3,037.50

    • Marquise: 1-diamond at a price of $2,852.00

    • Princess: 8-diamonds at an average price of $2,826.63

    • Asscher: 7-diamonds at an average price of $2,809.71

    • Oval: 8-diamonds at an average price of $2,752.63

    • Radiant: 5-diamonds at an average price of $2,571.63

    • Emerald: 8-diamonds at an average price of $2,571.63

    • Cushion: 10-diamonds at an average price of $2,497.40

You can clearly see based on this data that as expected, a Round diamond is the most expensive Shape available. If you want to maximize your investment, a Cushion diamond will offer you the most value at a 26% discount compared to a Round diamond.   

Diamond Prices based on Shape

So Which Diamond Shape is the Most Affordable?

If you are trying to maximize value, Cushion is the way to go. Ultimately though, Shape is truly an aesthetic choice. An engagement ring is an expensive purchase. But, given that you'll probably spend the rest of your life (Hopefully!) with it, it must first and foremost make you happy. Saving a couple hundred dollars shouldn't come before that happiness. If you're like me though, and you find them all beautiful, why not save a few bucks!

Once again, our final tally has a Round Diamond as your most expensive option, with other shapes giving you the following discounts:

  • Pear: 6% Discount

  • Heart: 10% Discount

  • Marquise: 15% Discount

  • Princess: 16% Discount

  • Asscher: 17% Discount

  • Oval: 18% Discount

  • Radiant: 19% Discount

  • Emerald: 24% Discount

  • Cushion: 26% Discount

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