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Why Buy Online?

There are significant savings to be had by buying your engagement ring online. Modern certifications give you the exact qualities of the diamond, and high-definition magnified photos allow you to see more detail than anything you'll see looking through a jeweler’s loupe. 

There’s no need to spend days searching store to store, no need to take ill-advised advice, and no need to go to some mystical diamond building downtown. 

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Let’s face it, buying an engagement ring is a tedious and confusing process leaving you full of self-doubt and potential buyer’s remorse. 

So what’s a guy to do? Listen to commercials? Listen to your buddy who bought his at a pawn shop? Visit a big-box ring retailer and chat with the lady behind the counter? All those end up with you overpaying or getting a crappy ring. We’re here to offer you a better alternative.

Instead of listening to advice geared to making you spend more, we’re going to give you advice to maximize your investment. Trust us, all the advertising you’re exposed to is geared to make you crave a larger and more expensive diamond. It’s not worth sacrificing months of salary, savings, and potentially putting a dent in your overall economic health just to flaunt a big fancy ring. Especially when you can get the same results at a fraction of the cost.

Follow along as we give you real world explanations of what to look for and show you how you can use online diamond companies to save thousands. No fancy jargon, no thinly veiled sales pitch, just no-nonsense advice. Plus, we’re here to help you, one-on-one. It’s a free service to you where we walk you through the process and provide you with a better and more affordable option. 


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